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It’s happened to all of us on more than one occasion. Why do we never learn?! A large pepperoni with extra cheese slides onto the table and you cannot help yourself. You are overcome by the hot, cheesy goodness of it and immediately take a big bite…and burn the roof of our mouth. As you desperately reach for the glass of water to extinguish the flames, you recognize that you are, yet again, a pathetic victim of…pizza palate.

Now, this phenomenon is not restricted to pizza alone. Any hot food or drink can burn your palate, tongue or insides of your mouth. Pizza palate is used as the term for burning the roof of your mouth simply because it happens most often when eating pizza and has become a common experience the world over.

The aftereffects of eagerly consuming hot items include redness, swelling, blistering and whitish areas in the mouth when healing. Your dentist may recommend that you stay away from hard or crusty foods so that the area is not irritated and to rinse your mouth out with salt water after eating to keep the area clean. If pain relief is needed, there are several over-the-counter anesthetics that can be used topically.

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