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Are you familiar with oral cancer and its effect on your health? Receiving oral cancer screenings is a must. By doing so, you significantly increase your chance of recovery, as oral cancer treatments often rely heavily on early detection to ensure the best possible outcomes. The basics of oral cancer treatments include the following:

-Watch for signs of numbness or loss of feeling in the head, neck, or mouth areas.
-Keep tabs on any unexplained weight loss changes and take note of any open wounds that take longer than 2 weeks to heal.
-Search for noticeable spots, patched, blotches, or marks.
-Do you have any crusty or eroded areas in your mouth?
-Look for sore throats that fail to go away.
-Numerous signs of discoloration, including red, white, and speckled patches, should be looked at.
-Are you noticing that you are having difficulties eating, swallowing, speaking, or chewing food?
-Is there any unusual bleeding from your mouth?

If any of the above symptoms are present, please come into our office for an exam today. To schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening, or simply book a checkup at our dental office in Corona, CA, with Dr. Rex Bullock, please call 951-737-1149. We are here to proudly keep you and your smile healthy and happy.