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Tooth decay seems to show up suddenly and out of nowhere, but it typically develops overtime under the surface of your smile, reaching an advanced stage before you noticed anything is wrong. Routine dental visits allow Dr. Bullock and our team to detect tooth decay early and even prevent it from developing altogether.

When you visit us for a routine dental visit, we perform a full analysis of your smile that involves taking dental X-rays of your jawbone, gums, and teeth to search for any tooth decay developing below the surface. Dr. Bullock and our team will also perform a thorough dental exam for signs of tooth decay and other dental problems, including gum disease and oral cancer.

Following the dental exam, our dental hygienist polishes up your smile by removing plaque and buildup that could contribute to tooth decay if left alone. Not only does this leave your smile feeling fresh, but we can provide you with customized oral care advice to help you thoroughly and properly clean your smile at home. This keeps your smile healthy between dental visits and prolongs your oral health.

While routine visits to the dentist may seem unnecessary if you aren’t experiencing pain or other symptoms of tooth decay, these dental checkups can reveal and prevent tooth decay before it causes damage to your smile. For more information about how dental checkups can prevent tooth decay in Corona, CA, contact us at 951-737-1149 and schedule a time to come in and speak with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!