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If you have lost teeth because of decay, gum disease, accident or injury, you have an alternative choice besides bridges and dentures. With modern advances in dental technology, dental implants can replace lost teeth while providing a sturdy option.

Essentially, dental implants replace lost tooth roots. They offer a sturdy base where fixed or removable replacement teeth can be attached. If you take the right care of your implants, they can last a lifetime.

Let’s look at what dental implants do for you:
· They fuse with bone, making them permanent options.
· They have the look and feel of the natural teeth in your smile.
· They allow you to speak clearly because they won’t slip or slide in your mouth.
· They are comfortable as they fuse and become one with you.
· They function like your natural teeth, so chewing isn’t impeded. This means you can eat without pain or discomfort.
· They let you smile with confidence, boosting your self-esteem.
· They allow more of your own tooth the remain intact, which is good for your oral health.
· Single implants let you clean between teeth which improves your oral hygiene.

If you have a tooth which has sustained damage that might benefit from a dental implant, we invite you to speak to our dentist. To schedule a dental evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Rex Bullock, please call 951-737-1149 to get in contact with our office in Corona, CA, today!