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If a beautiful smile is at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions, Dr. Rex Bullock would be happy to discuss the possibility of receiving dental veneers for a flawless smile. Dental veneers are versatile cosmetic shells that transform your smile through a multitude of benefits, including:

– Results you can customize: Each veneer is custom crafted to your smile needs and preferences, and you can receive just the right number of veneers for your smile, whether you are looking to improve one tooth or several.

– A natural look: Veneers look like the front surface of your front teeth, and can be matched to the natural color of the surrounding tooth enamel.

– No more gapped teeth: Veneers can cover gaps and large spaces between teeth to help your smile look full and gorgeous.

– Less staining and more shine: If you have deeply stained or discolored teeth, these can be masked with dental veneers, which can also be shaded lighter than your teeth for a brighter appearance.

– Straighter teeth: Dental veneers can improve mildly crooked teeth to benefit the appearance of your smile.

– Stronger teeth: Chips, fractures, and heavy wear can all weaken your teeth, but dental veneers provide a protective layer that fortifies the tooth.

– Increased durability: Dental veneers are very durable and can last several years if treated well.

If you are hoping to receive a fantastic smile in the new year, we invite you to call us at 951-737-1149 and schedule a consultation with our dentist to discuss the benefits of dental veneers in Corona, CA.