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Getting cavities is no fun. Resolve to follow these 4 tips to help prevent cavities for 2018!

Brush: Brush your teeth twice a day, for 2 minutes each time. Use a soft-bristled brush. Though it may seem like stiff-bristled brushes would give a better clean, in fact, medium and hard bristles can damage tooth enamel and rip up gum tissues. Stick with soft bristles for a polished, healthy smile.

Floss: Brushing cleans the surface of your teeth, but cleaning between them is equally important. Flossing removes food, bacteria, and other debris from places your brush can’t reach. Don’t forget to floss behind your back molars! Interdental cleaning should be done once a day, for 2-3 minutes. It does not matter whether you brush before or after you floss, as long as both get done.

Chew Gum: Saliva is your body’s first natural defense against cavities. Chewing gum for 20 minutes after eating helps to stimulate saliva flow. Saliva distributes fortifying substances to your teeth and washes food and debris away from teeth and gums.

Visit Your Dentist: Visiting your dentist allows him to catch any problems early. To schedule an appointment in Corona, CA, call our office at 951-737-1149. Dr. Rex Bullock and our team look forward to seeing you!